Registration Fees if  Registered and PAID

                                        by Deadline.  AFTER Deadline
1st Place Bid     $68/athlete       $78/athlete
2nd Place Bid    $88/athlete       $98 athlete
3rd Place Bid      $98/athlete       $108/athlete
OPEN BID*     $108/athlete       $118/athlete

*The OPEN BID for North American Spirit Tournament pertains to ANY team that has attended a  qualifying event, but did not rank in the top 3.


RINGS – Yes Rings to all Winning Divisions – PREP & Novice Too!

Handed out that day!

To reserve your spot in the event mail back the BID card with your $100 fee as soon as possible-you have 30 DAYS before it expires.  The first Bid Cards in GO LAST in their Divisions

To register after that click here for the registration form

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